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Lynn Mussman

Lynn Mussman


Melissa Houchin

Melissa Houchin

Deputy Assessor

Jodi Wolfteich

Jodi Wolfteich

Office Clerk

Welcome to the Fillmore County Assessor’s Office in Geneva Nebraska

My name is Lynn Mussman and I am the county assessor. Upon entering the Assessor’s Office you will be greeted by Melissa Houchin who serves as Deputy Assessor and Jodi Wolfteich who serves as Clerk.

The main function of this office is to assess property. Property is assessed for taxing purposes only.

There are two types. Real Property and Personal Property.

Real Property Includes residential property, commercial property, and Agricultural Land. The assessor’s office is responsible for putting value on all these properties in the county. This process must be completed by March 19th of current year. All property owners will receive a notice of valuation change June 1, and will have the month of June to protest that value if in disagreement with their property valuation.

Property owners are under the assumption that the county assessor is responsible for the taxes property owners pay. That is a misconception by most people.

Property taxes are used solely to support local subdivisions of government. (An example of this would be the schools, fire districts, cities, and NRD) The amount of tax dollars needed to support those subdivisions comes directly from the requested budgets of those county subdivisions. The county board of supervisors uses the valuation information submitted by the county assessor and the monies needed by the governmental subdivisions to set levies. This is how those tax dollars are generated and how the county treasurer knows what needs to be collected to make the county work.

Other responsibilities of the County Assessor’s Office:

  • Homestead Exemptions
  • Personal Property Returns
  • Changes in  owner of record
  • Permissive Exemptions
  • Maintaining and Updating the Geographical Information System (GIS)
    This system enables the public access to aerial photos, maps and valuation of properties in the county.

Much of what is done in the Fillmore County Assessor’s Office is driven by State Statute. We follow all regulations and Directives set forth to us by the Department of Revenue Property Assessment Division.

To learn more, please call our office at 402-759-3613 or stop by the office. We are located on the 1st floor of the Fillmore County Courthouse. 900 G St. Geneva Ne