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Shaundee Graham

 Zoning Administrator

The Fillmore County Planning Commission meets the 3rd Monday of every month.  With the exception of January and February, the Commission will meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

GPS Corrections

If you have trouble getting packages delivered to your address, visitors can’t get to your house or business utilizing their GPS, or MapQuest and Google maps send visitors the wrong way, you can report this to the following websites to get it corrected:

Please make a note of the new phone number for the Fillmore Co Zoning office 402-759-4982, which is now located at the new Fillmore County East Building in the old medical clinic.  Zoning Permit forms and Zoning Regulations can be located online at under “Office” and “Zoning” or picked up at my new office location. While I do work full-time for Fillmore County, due to nature of my positions, I am required to be out of the office doing property inspections.  Should you have questions or need Zoning information, feel free to leave a message on my office phone 402-759-4982 or email me at, I check both voice mail and email regularly, when I am out of the office.   I am happy to set an appointment with anyone who would like to speak with me in person regarding Zoning. 

Remember to check the Zoning Regulations when updating or making a change to your property, either tearing down buildings, erecting new structures or moving a structure may require a permit.  If you are developing a business plan or considering opening a business within Fillmore County, remember to contact the Zoning Office prior to purchasing land, buildings or locating your business within an existing property, including this step in your process can help you avoid ending up in an area that is not Zoned properly for your business and adding unnecessary expense and time to your project.