Required NIMS Courses


Online NIMS training courses available at the following site:

The four main ICS courses required are listed below.  For Law Enforcement, School Officials, Public Works and Healthcare Workers there is an alternate course to the IS-100.b, you will find them listed below as well.  Currently ICS-300 & ICS-400 are not offered online.  Please check back regularly to find a scheduled training in your area or contact the Emergency Management Director and she will assist you in locating a training site.

For Law enforcement, take the IS-100.LEb below, instead of IS-100.b listed above.

For School officials, take the IS-100.Sca listed below instead of IS-100.b listed above

For Public Works, take the IS-100.PWb listed below instead of IS-100.b listed above

For Healthcare workers, take IS-100.HCb listed below instead of IS-100.b listed above

For anyone who does not have access to a computer to complete the online training, or for any assistance in completing these NIMS courses, please contact your local Emergency Management office at 402-759-4914.

Once you have completed the training and passed the test please forward a copy of the email for your certificate to the following email: the local Emergency Management Agency office will be a repository and keep a record of your completed NIMS course certificates on hand.


IS 100

IS 200

IS 700

IS 800

ICS 300

ICS 400

Communications Center Supervisor/Deputy Sup. X   X      
County EMA Director X X X   X X
Deputy Sheriff X   X      
EMS Chief X X X X X X
EMS Crew Personnel X X X
EMS Personnel X   X      
EOC Management X X X X X X
EOC Staff X X
Fire Chief/Deputy Chief X X X X X X
Fire Company Officer X X X      
Firefighter X X
HAZMAT Operations Level X X X
HAZMAT Technician Level X X X      
Hospital Facility X X X
Local EMA Director X X X X
Local/County Officials X
Local/County Officials involved in EM Operations X X X X    
Police Chief/Deputy Chief X X X X X X
Police Officer X X
Police Supervisor X X X      
Public works Director X X X
School Administration X   X      
Sheriff Office Supervisor X X X
Sheriff/Chief Deputy X X X X X X
Utilities Management X X X
Utilities Worker X   X