Bridge Replacement


Fillmore County has many bridges within the county. We have 184 bridges that are over 20 foot in length and these are on the Federal Registration Program, meaning that they have to be inspected at least 1 time every 2 years. These bridges also qualify for State and Federal Funding when they need to be replaced.

The oldest bridges in Fillmore County that are over 20 feet in length, are located between sections 35-36 in Chelsea Township and between sections 33-34 in Madison Township. These 2 bridges were constructed in 1908.

From 1914 to 1926, many concrete arch bridges were built in Fillmore County. Most of these bridges were narrow with high side railings. Most of these bridges are still being used. Fillmore County tries to replace at least 2 bridges per year if Federal and State money is available. Some bridges are replaced with Concrete Box Culverts and others with Concrete Slab Bridges.

Fillmore County has 306 bridges that are under 20 feet in length and the maintenance of these small bridges are the sole responsibility of Fillmore County Taxpayers. Some of these are shown below.

conarch 1 conarch 2
small bridge 1 small bridge 2

Of course, many of these bridges are in need of replacing, but with the budgetary restrictions nowadays, only a small number can be replaced per year. The Roads Department tries to replace 3 of these small bridges each year with large culvert pipes.

3 pipe 3 box
Three large culvert pipes that replaced a small wooden bridge on the north side of section 2 in Geneva Township for a cost of $9,000.00. A triple concrete box culvert that replaced a medium sized bridge between section 8 and section 9 in Exeter Township for a cost of $110,000.00.
updated 12-29-08