Roads Maintenance


Roads Maintenance Manual

There are many ways to maintain County Gravel Roads and everyone has a different opinion on how they should be maintained. The Fillmore County Roads Department cannot take 7,000 different opinions and put them in a plan to maintain County Graveled Roads. The same thing is true applied to what you taxpayers do for a living. Ask 7,000 different people and you will probably get 7,000 different ways to do your job. Can you do that? The Fillmore County Roads Department is using a manual called "Gravel Roads Maintenance and Design Manual". This manual was put together by Engineers, County Highway Superintendents and Operators from 7 different States. The manual was published by the South Dakota Local Transportation Assistance Program (SD LTAP) with heavy input from the Nebraska University of Nebraska LTAP Center.

Although this manual does not give quick fixes to all problems, Fillmore County Motor Grader Operators are using it as a guide to improve county roads in Fillmore County. Many taxpayers will disagree with what the operators are doing when they first go on a road after a rain that the operator has freshly worked. But, please be patient, after the road has healed up from the work that was done, we are sure you will be happy with the results. We have worked many miles of county graveled roads in Fillmore County to date to improve the water drainage off of the road and to get the proper shape. In almost all cases, after the road has healed itself from the work, it is a much better and safer road for you to travel on.

You may download the manual yourself to review the pages if you want to. It is a large manual so it will take some time to download and you will need at least Acrobat Reader 4.0 or a newer version to look at it.

Gravel Manual

But please understand, there is no way that we can make everyone happy because everyone has a different opinion on how county road maintenance should be done. We work very hard to give you a safe road to travel on.

Thank you very much for your patience and interest.

updated 1-3-08