Vegetation Control


Fillmore County Vegetation Control

The 880 miles of graveled roads maintained by the Fillmore County Roads Department creates many problems and causes us many headaches. The biggest problem is the control of vegetation that grows along the roadway and into the roadway. In most cases, we try to provide the traveling public a road width of 28 feet to 30 feet. This creates many problems when vegetation growth is at its highest growth period.

vegetation control picture

As you can see in the picture above, our motor grader is cutting vegetation that has grown into the driving surface of the roadway. This creates many problems for us and for the traveling public. The only way to get rid of the green vegetation cut from the roadway surface is to place it in the gravel windrow and let it dry up and then work the windrow of gravel back and forth across the road to try and get rid of the dirt and vegetation in the windrow. As you have seen, this usually produces a big mess on the driving surface and can be worst if the weather may get wet. It normally takes several days to get the roadway back to a decent condition.

Fillmore County landowners can help us with this problem. As you can see in the picture, the vegetation along the roadway has not been mowed. According to Nebraska State Law, landowners are required to mow their right of way at least 2 times per year. At a minimum, landowners should abide by this. It would also help the Fillmore County Roads Department if the vegetation was mowed more then 2 times per year.

To the landowners - Thank you very much for helping us out.

Fillmore County Roads Department.